Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness

Happy Birthday to Me

For my birthday this year I asked for 43 acts of random kindness from my friends and family. Its been really cool seeing how creative people get and then the joy they experience when they do one.

My birthday's not over so here's just a partial list of what they've done so far.

1. Left money in a library book before returning it.
2. Gave Pacers tix to couple at Pizza Hut
3. Bought groceries for person in front of them who happen to be buying for a youth group event.
4. Took stray cat to vet for shots and neutering
5. Took groceries to local food pantry
6. Let someone go in front of them in checkout line
7. Went through McD's drive thru and paid for person behind them as well
8. A group is making dinner and serving it at the Ronald McDonald House
9. Went to the movies and bought someone else a ticket

10. Brought up neighbor's trash cans for them
11. Cleaned out freezer and made a donation to Third Phase
12. Gave a free haircut to cancer patient
13. Making a meal for a patient
14 Donated eggs to church to be used for baked good for youth group
15. Cupcake from the bakery for our favorite bus driver (other than AZ :) )
16. Orange Leaf gift card for dance teacher
17. Orange Leaf gift card for basketball coach
18. Gave a dozen cookies to the volunteers at the food pantry

19. Gave a complement to someone

If you'd like to participate just leave a comment letting me know what you did.

Thanks to everyone!

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